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Big Pool At D Leonor

So we took their mini cab for us to get to the big pool. I really thought that Faith could not enjoy it there but thank GOD that the pool is not too deep and beside the big pool, there was actually a kiddie pool too. On the 2nd thought the big pool also have a shallow part.  What we enjoyed there  is the slide, it is long and its round but not that long as Blue Jazz had.

I also like the bucket on the top that when it is full, it will pour so hard on the slide going to the pool. Faith would always exclaimed. “Extreme!”

We definitely got wet but we had so much fun!

We did not spend out there for long, it was almost 5 in the afternoon at that time and we don’t have planned to stay out late. Faith was disappointed since she really like to stay for hours there, but I promised her she can get some carousel rides she agreed with me, only to find out that the rides there were busted.

Till next post. 

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Can You Handle The Pain?

I wonder how much each one of us can handle pain. But one thing for sure there’s always the end of everything, like you are just so tired and that you just let it go. And you just let the fate do of its own as what they are saying you can never say you are strong enough when you are in a situation that being strong is the only option. I also feels like my heart has been tortured that I just want to quit or I’ll just say whatever would happen even though it is hard to be strong but to be one is that you just accept the fact that sometimes life is not fair and that you can’t do anything but go with the flow. Because there’s no other way except to handle the pain and be tame.

Two Old Women

I was riding a jeepney one day when I saw these two old ladies, they were giggling and laughing. I think they were friends for like decades since they look like they know each other so well. They talked a lot of their whereabouts and I was like wishing to have a friend who would stay with me until I grow old, whom I could always giggle and laugh with just like these two old women.

I went to the bank to withdraw, when I saw these two old women again. They were ahead of me so I waited outside the booth of the ATM machine. Later, the other lady called me and asked some help. She said it seems like she can’t withdraw the amount she encoded, so I told her to inquire first before she would withdraw since the machine prompted, there’s no sufficient funds. She found out then that she only has a thousand, she asked the guard about it and said maybe her pension was not arrived. Her friend then told her not to worry; she will just shoulder their dinner later, how sweet of her to treat her friend. Then immediately they thank me for helping them, they also told me they couldn’t bring their kids with them to guide them because most of the time they will just take their money and will not give them their money.