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The Face Of Darkness

We were in my doctor’s office that time when one of my workmates broke us the news that the NCCC Mall was on fire. After clinic, when I and Mj passed by, we only saw a little smoke but we heard something fell already from the 3rd floor. We were already in another mall when I realized that my niece Moreen is working in SSI, their floor is just on top of that mall. The fire started at 9:30 in the morning and Moreen usually logs out at 11:00 in the morning. I hurriedly bought a credit for my phone; I slowly dial my sister’s number, Moreen’s Mom and asked her how’s Moreen. She then said that my niece is in the bedroom and was sleeping; I breathe right away and told her about the mall. She called her daughter right away and later she replied her workmates that she is safe and fine. Later, we heard that there were 37 agents who were trapped, the next day they were already 38.

All of them died in that tragedy, no one was able to escape from the fire of death. I can’t help but felt aggravated, eventhough I don’t know anyone there but knowing that we were on the same field, I also felt cheated. I could not contain my frustration when I learned that it was already hopeless to rescue them until now I still have questions, what, why and how? Most of them are so young, full of dreams; some are still in college, juggling themselves for work and school. I could not imagine their parents depression, seeing the building burned down.



Until now whenever I passed by this area, the face of darkness, despair and sorrow seemed like a doom covering the whole area. This building is just so near to where I am currently working. There are times that I accidentally utter the name of the mall whenever the Jeepney driver asked where will I go that my daughter keeps on poking my shoulder, reminding me that the mall is gone, my favorite mall is vanished together with those agents who were working at that time and was so excited to log out because it’s almost Christmas. I am moving on but I know those agents could not, their parents could not, their family could not. Everyone will just look at this building, reminiscing the memories, their tambay spot in the foodcourt, the wide grocery, the varieties of clothes and bags and all that stuff. But I know some of us will show hatred and deranged to this mall. I could not blame them.

My condolence to the family of the victim. You are always in my prayer that whoever is responsible to the fire should answer this. But if in case, if the one who did this can run away, we may always have injustices in this world but to HIM we are fair, I know somehow that person will still pay.

On the other hand, to this mall that I always run to whenever I need some things for my kids, when I don’t have frozen foods to cook at home, when I feel like roaming around, eating at any fast food store. I will miss you big time NCCC Mall!

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Egg-citing This Easter

 photo easter2_zpsehqcev0d.jpg

You  may want to attend this egg citing event in SM after the Holy Week. I would like to send Faith there but I am still thinking about it. I supposed to inquire in NCCC Mall but I am always ran out of time, I always in a hurry since I have work later, I mean I need to sleep but if you have all the time and would like to try this, inquire now in SM or in NCCC Mall, bring your kids and let them have fun!

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Back To Being A Member

It has been a year already that I gave up being a member in Global Pinoy, since I could not meet their requirements. One of their requirements is to submit a Passport or Visa from my husband, which I could not send in because he is not here and he seems, could not make a copy at all and I don’t know why? But recently when I went there to get my husband wired for us, I asked the in-charge again of the requirements if they really needed the Passport or Visa of my husband, they said they no longer needed it and all I have to do is to surrender my old Global Pinoy card and I’ll just present my ID then that’s it. I am a member again.

 photo 576dd74b-ac3b-42b8-ae3f-889fe1a980ae.jpg

This is their new ID, it’s too green, seems like it reflects to the environment because of its color and I like it. 

I could not contain my happiness when I became a member again, now I have some place to stay whenever I need to wait for my kids especially during Friday since I have to wait for them in the pool.

 photo 14724505_10210265967781717_6542915497920954431_n.jpg

To renew the card, you have to pay P 150.00 for 1 year membership instead of 2 years.

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I Went To China!

I love to travel, in fact I was hoping that I can go somewhere else and live there but due to some circumstances it didn’t happen. I thought our papers were moving but how can it move while it was not submitted after all. So anyway, enough of that drama I can’t take back of what happen before. On the other hand just the other day my eldest daughter and I went to SM Ecoland to supposedly get some free boxes of Krispy Kreme but to my disappointment, I don’t know what happen but we found out that it is not true. I even made some funny joke to my eldest daughter to ask to tell us the truth if they have some freebies that day since as what my friend says it’s their anniversary but my daughter keeps on laughing and told me to be still, she couldn’t ask the staff because she was shy. Anyway, since we did not get any freebies that day, we just roamed around the mall and found this 3d paints. It is so awesome; it feels like you are in that place going to the tower. I think that was China, picture below.

 photo 13321913_10209051975552670_5541121717982524216_n.jpg

Thanks to SM Ecoland because they helped me reach my dream to at least experience China with this 3D paint. I want to have more pictures as they portray different places but my youngest daughter was already shy to take pictures so I stopped.

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