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It Is Almost Mothers Day

Yeah, it is almost Mothers Day and believe me I want to do something for my kids on that day but sad to say our budget is so tight because our car is busted again and I need to spend all the savings I had for it and besides this month will be the enrollment for my kids for the next school year. On the other hand, it is also my sister’s birthday, I promised to treat her in one of the Korean Restaurant here but sad to say I can’t because again our budget is to repair our car. Yeah there are many occasions this month that I needed to let it pass because again our car needs to be repair,  geez when can I sell it so I don’t have anything to spend more money for, I won’t really going to buy one again.

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Honestly this time, I just want to stop to do anything; I mean I know some of you there just wanted to go out but not me. Yes I am a Stay at home Mom, but I always have a busy schedule, there are only a number of times that I stayed here at home, and I miss that really. On the other hand, I just need to keep going, I have to go to our mechanic this time to buy the parts that were pending for how many days already, later I will fetch my eldest daughter for her training. Sigh, can I stop?

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Budget Finance

Inasmuch as I wanted to stay around here online but I just can’t I have to go out to see the mechanic of my car, you see the clutch lining was burned so we must buy some parts for it. I just hope that it is not that expensive so I still have some money to save in my bank. I have spent a lot of money this month and I have to minimize my expenses so we will not get broke in the coming days. Sigh sometimes it is hard to be of the budget finance.

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The Voice

Most often than not, when a mother speaks through her heart it would lead to something that makes a child her/his inspiration for success.

When my daughter was struggling to beat her time, I spoke to her then she amazingly swim as fast as she was like gathering all her strength to make it that time.

I realized that when kids need a total uplifting, you just have to talk to them, and they will do their best to make it. A voice of a Mom can do miracles to their kids. No matter how depressing the situation is, they can find a way for it. When the parents have a total support for their kids skills and talents, when they boost them up, kids can go father beyond your expectations. So when you feel like, your kids are struggling academically or in sports they are joining just talk to them, inspire them and they would soar high, even more!

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