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We Were Just There Chilling

After we ate dinner in Penongs, I and my high school classmates went to a bar where we can watch live bands. I was so culture shock since it has been a while that I haven’t been to a place like this but nevertheless I enjoyed it a lot especially when the band started playing. If my daughter was there I am sure she would ask the live band for her to try strumming the guitar, I wonder if they are using the breedlove at because the guitar sounded so great. We enjoyed the night, less talk though because the area was so crowded and it is very noisy plus the loud music. Thus, we were just there relaxing and chilling.

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For You And Your Teenager

I and my daughter love to listen to some music and there are times that we found ourselves arguing what music genre we are going to play especially when we are in the car. The reason why I am looking for headphones now, I am not looking for extra expensive since I budget my money for bills and stuff. I am looking for a not so expensive headphone, just like what I found online. I am sure some teenagers and moms like me are into music so if you are looking for a headphone that is not that so expensive, you need to visit some shopping musical site. You may want to check it out!  And I am sure you will be amazed how affordable their musical accessories can be.

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Make Some Budget For My Daughter’s Piano

My daughters recital is upcoming and yet I did not buy my youngest daughter a piano, as I need to pay their tuition fees first today. I already got a letter that it is compulsory to have their piano during the practice and in the recital. I already message my husband about it I hope we can buy the piano on Saturday.  I hope I have a credit card and I can just buy it through online stores but I don’t have. I tried to verify the text message from one of the bank saying I can send my requirements but when I checked it one of the branches, they are not familiar with it. Good thing though that my eldest daughter has her own resources where to borrow the electric guitar. I am thankful that she has some friends who can lend her the guitar.

The recital will be in one of the malls here in Davao, I hope I can file a vacation leave for the event.

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For Her Performance

I was roaming around the mall yesterday, I just rarely visited this mall I used up my time to check and window shopping. I saw varieties of electric guitar and not only that; they also have different kinds of music instruments that are for sale. But what my daughter is trying to check is accessory for her guitar so she will have better performance on her recital, she tried to check some boomwhackers at, she loves it but since she is trying to budget for an electric guitar, she set aside in buying this tuned percussion. I am also struggling with my budget but I know for sure my kids understand our status. And I am so proud of them because they did not fail my expectation. I know in time, she will be able to buy some accessories that she will be needed on her performance.

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