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Earthquake strikes again

Yesterday it hits again in Surigao and the magnitude was intensity 6. I and my sister talked about it this afternoon, and she said that there are many huge fishes docked in shore. They were found in Cagayan, Cebu, and Saranggani.

Before the big earthquake happened in Japan few years ago, there were huge fishes found in the shore and they said that once the huge fishes will come out from the deepest ocean, the tectonic plate is disturbed. And everyone is panicked because some huge fishes are appearing in the shore; they said that a big intensity would happen soon. There is even a post about it saying we need to prepare. And I can’t help but get scared, I just hope that if it will happen, we are complete in the house especially my niece, her office is on the top floor in one of the malls in our place. Lord, have mercy on us; I hope this big one will not occur at all.


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In Roxas, At 10 P.M. Friday Night

It was Friday, I am about to go back to sleep when I saw this bombing incident in Roxas in downtown. I was stunned, at first I thought it was just an LPG exploded but the damage was too big to consider it an LPG. The area was crowded with people who just wanted to relax with the massage, some were waiting for the line, some kids were running back and forth, students were eating nearby and then it explodes. Few seconds later the laughter was replaced with cries, screams, shouts and fear.

I haven’t been in the place before I mean during night time. This street would only open for vendors at night time; they can display anything they want. They sells foods, clothes, offer massage service, etc etc. for a very affordable price.

Few seconds later, you can see people dead, some were asking for help and there were runs shouting another bomb will about to explode. People got panicked; kids were scared, good thing that there is no other bomb.

15 people now are dead with the bombing.

15 innocent people victimized by this terrorist scheme and yet some are mocking. How can they be so cruel? Why are these people hurting innocent ones who are just there to earn, to relax, to eat, and to laugh. Why do they have to do this horrible act? Where is your conscience? What if this will happen to you and your family? Is your heart covered by steel already that you don’t feel anything, anything at all to those people whom you choose to perish, you choose to hurt, and you choose to be the victim of your views. You might be so mad, or did you just follow what was commanded to you by those people above you, but aren’t you having a heart to just run away because you can’t do such a thing. If you something that you are fighting for? Is this the answer what you fought for? By taking lives that don’t have any idea what you’ve gone through. 15 innocent people, I hope that you still have a heart to show up and tell us who commanded you to do this terrorist act. I hope.


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My Friend’s Picture Of The Fire

 photo 10150571_844261412256125_48328257_n.jpg

This is one of the pictures that my friend took from their balcony, yes the fire is not that far from her parent’s house but I guess far enough for them not to be affected by the fire. So you see the red image on top of this picture, the fire just started when she took this photo and yet you can see already how big it is.

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The Fire Lasted For Four House, Be Safe Everyone!

Yes I just posted here some fire prevention tips last week and just last Friday there was a big fire happened in downtown. It started around 10 in the evening and was put off around 2 in the morning. I saw the pictures that my friend was posted in FB and it was really scary, the whole area was like a hell! The news said the cause of the fire was because of unattended candle. The area, the road is so tight that is why the firemen have difficulty to get inside the area. The houses were made of wood too so the reason why the fire easily spread. The fire was in Isla Verde Boulevard, there were many residences that were affected by the fire as of now they evacuated in a school and I saw some lives in the Basketball court already when I passed the area today.

They said that is better to get robbed than to see your house in fire, because everything will be burned away. But I hope both will not happy to us this summer. So this summer keep everything safe! Have a great summer everyone!

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