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No Available Spot

Driving each day gave me so much experience on the road. Sometimes I got pissed and just wanna give up driving but I know I can’t. Since I learned how to drive, it became my responsibility if only I am not a mom of a busy 11 years old daughter, I would rather take a taxicab when I go to downtown.

Yesterday, when I have to pay my contribution in Pag-ibig, I could not find a spot to park. I was running a circle for like 2 times already just to find a location to park my car. I stopped for a moment, turn the hazard on so if there’s a car that would go out from the parking area, I can just move and park mine. The guard was already saying that there is no available spot for me, he told me to go since I am already obstructing the way out. I was irritated that I move the car backward a bit fast, I didn’t notice the parking sign in my back and unfortunately I hit it. I was GRRRRR!

The guard saw it, I stared at him, if only he tried to help me, I won’t be hitting the parking sign. But I know, it was not his fault, it’s my fault, I should not put the blame on him since I was the one behind the wheels. In the contrary, the guard pitied on me and said, “Okay, you can insert your car on this little spot but you need to park it backward so the other car can passed through when they have to go out in the parking area”. He pitied on me after he saw the scratch in my compartment, another scratch, and another failure of my driving experience.

This morning, I tried to minimize it by wiping it with a “Rain Fly” it is a glass cleaner and I was hoping that the scratch will not be that visible. It works but when you look at it longer, you will know it was hit by something.

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