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Big Pool At D Leonor

So we took their mini cab for us to get to the big pool. I really thought that Faith could not enjoy it there but thank GOD that the pool is not too deep and beside the big pool, there was actually a kiddie pool too. On the 2nd thought the big pool also have a shallow part.  What we enjoyed there  is the slide, it is long and its round but not that long as Blue Jazz had.

I also like the bucket on the top that when it is full, it will pour so hard on the slide going to the pool. Faith would always exclaimed. “Extreme!”

We definitely got wet but we had so much fun!

We did not spend out there for long, it was almost 5 in the afternoon at that time and we don’t have planned to stay out late. Faith was disappointed since she really like to stay for hours there, but I promised her she can get some carousel rides she agreed with me, only to find out that the rides there were busted.

Till next post. 

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The Background Looks Like That In The States

I always wish that I can live or visit or go to some other place like in the States but sad to say I guess I will never make it. My husband told me before that he is already processing all the papers for us to get there but I don’t know what happen it just, it didn’t realize after all the years of waiting. Don’t ask me why or what because I can’t give you any answer, anyway my husband and I still together though in case you will ask. I don’t care at all where we live as long as there’s he and I and a love for both of us.

On the other hand even though my kids and I did not step a foot in the land of Uncle Sam, here were some pictures that looks like we were in the States.

Faith was making a pose in the Fifth Avenue Books. I am not sure if there’s a place or a street like that in the States.

 photo DSCN8266_zpsf259a9fc.jpg

The Rialto of California, I guess:

 photo DSCN8268_zps3fc8be5b.jpg

The Grand Central Station:

 photo DSCN8271_zps7fe3c715.jpg

I and my youngest daughter at the Brooklyn Apartment

 photo DSCN8274_zpsbb385ba2.jpg

Nevertheless, these pictures were taken at the Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna; we visited the park when Mj still competes in Manila. It was a fun filled getaway, we went to Manila for 2 reasons, one is for Mj to joined a swimming competition and go to or visit some tourist spots there. Does the background look like we were in the states already?

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I Lost The Beautiful Scenery

It was so early in the morning; it was actually 4:45 a.m., to be exact that I saw a moon in the sky. It was so perfect, it was big and round and it looks like it was laying over the Mount Apo, it was so beautiful that I can’t help but to take a picture of it. I even give my last glance to the scenery before I hailed a tricycle going to the Jeepney stop. I check my cellphone and the beautiful scenery was there. I always love taking pictures of moons; I guess I have numbers of picture of moon in my FB. I am not quite sure if you feel like I do but when I took pictures of a moon, I found it very peaceful. Just like this morning, it looks like the moon is lying peacefully on a mountain.

Anyway, I was ready to upload it in my Instagram account but when I checked the picture, it is not there anymore. I asked my niece if she deleted some pictures in my phone since she is the first one who borrowed it from me. She said she did not deleted even one picture, and she swears it. I hope I can still capture the same scenery tomorrow.

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I Need Someone To Teach Me

I know it is hard to admit that the photo album is obsolete nowadays; I could even see some photo albums always on sale at the mall but still no one dared to buy those because we can just easily share our pictures to our friends through networking site. But sometimes I missed printing our pictures, it gives more sentiments and value when we can see our pictures in a hard copy, that’s why scrapbooking came up to my mind recently. I have been planning to start with it, I even look for scrapbook supplies at the mall yet I don’t have any idea how to begin with it, my friend shared me some points but geez I can’t seem to start at all. Maybe I have to look for someone to teach me how to do scrapbooking, I know it takes a lot of effort, and you really have to devote yourself and time for it, you should also make it a habit so you would enjoy what you are doing and it will come out really good.

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