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Mini Museum

It was when summer just started, I and Faith visited our Dentist so to get fill in to her tooth. When our appointment is done, we decided to visit the mini museum beside the clinic. Faith was very delighted to check the image of our ancestors and the city before.

 photo cats_zps6ma5zmfr.jpg

These were the only pictures we took since we are not allowed to take anything during the tour. Yes, there is a tour guide who would tell you everything on the display. The reason why we are not allowed to take a picture or a video is because, they would like to preserved the images and the whole place I think, you know how much social media can travel places, they wanted to preserved what it is inside to look more mysterious.  Admit it if you already know what’s inside then your curiosity will just blow up, your excitement to visit the museum will be gone because you already seen it through pictures in social media. To preserve the excitement, they needed to make it that way. I am telling you, your time will not be wasted when you visit this mini museum along Magallanes, and mind you it doesn’t have any entrance fee. It is free for you; all you need to do is visit.

 photo 17554429_10212002821561976_4031527724181313533_n_zps1stoc94o.jpg

The mother and daughter image obviously

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Almost Got The Job In A Cool-Chic Place

I was recommended by my cousin, she told me about the hiring and when they called me, I went there right away for an interview. The next day I was in a final interview. The first question is if I already resigned, and I answered “not yet” I was willing to get the job if they would hire me but I need to render a resignation letter and I can’t start right away, I need to render at least 2 weeks even though the requirement is one month. I am willing to risk my tenure-ship for them but they didn’t, they wanted my answer right there and then so I said I think about it.

I love the place, I was able to sneak a peek in the floor, it is so cool, and they have their music on and so loud. The whole place is just cool-chic. But I can’t be there, I can’t just leave my current job and disappear like a bubble. I can’t do that; this company hired me professionally so I should exit gracefully and diplomatically. I need to at least be fair to them.

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For You And Your Teenager

I and my daughter love to listen to some music and there are times that we found ourselves arguing what music genre we are going to play especially when we are in the car. The reason why I am looking for headphones now, I am not looking for extra expensive since I budget my money for bills and stuff. I am looking for a not so expensive headphone, just like what I found online. I am sure some teenagers and moms like me are into music so if you are looking for a headphone that is not that so expensive, you need to visit some shopping musical site. You may want to check it out!  And I am sure you will be amazed how affordable their musical accessories can be.

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Views From Isla Reta During Our Team Building

Our team building is a blast, although there are some failure in the part of the resort staff but everything is fine. When we arrived at the resort, this view welcomed us.

 photo 15203302_10210705712335056_7725768612955833422_n_zpssbmxlvlu.jpg

Everyone was so busy taking pictures of themselves with this view but me. I was too busy capturing the beauty of the nature. We plunged into the water later in the afternoon while some are busy cooking for dinner. We gathered after, we talked, we drank some beer but not much. I slept so early.

The next morning. I and my team mate roam around the place, we took a walk and was able to capture again some nice views.

 photo 15182488_10206961534910186_828046435_o_zps9a3hjtzm.jpg

We were walking on the other end of the beach, when I look back this view was very pretty. Anyone will be amazed to see this.

 photo 15146713_10206961535110191_1933492102_o_zpsp1ro7xuq.jpg

The break of dawn

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