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Team Building in Samal

Just before Faith classes start, the team at work planned to have a short get away. It was during our day off, I did not already went home, I just waited Faith and sister Irene to come by at work. Yes Faith was with us during the event since Mj and Mariel will have to go to school and no one will attend her. We had our team building at Samal, one of my workmate have a house there, so we stayed there for one night. We rested at their house for a while, we ate our dinner there before we went out for the beach.

We spent for hours there at the beach, but before 12 in the midnight Faith already asked me if we could go to the car to sleep while waiting for our workmate to finish their videoke.

We went back at my workmate’s house about 1 am already. We slept right away after we took a bath. In the morning, some of us prepared breakfast, and after breakfast we headed to the bat cave, in which we did not really went inside because it was a bit expensive for us. Good thing Faith was able to take a picture of this.

 photo 11377194_10206415980454440_6003300790658039412_n_zpsvbbhkz40.jpg

After Bat Cave, we headed to Hagimit Falls but too bad, because it is not open from the rain the night before. They don’t advise for tourist to come over since the water is not that clear. So instead of going there, we went to this small island. This island will be covered by water at night, the island won’t appear at all but in the afternoon, approaching sunset, this island will appear and it is just nice to soak in.

 photo 11224823_10204488175347680_4484944928351955878_n_zpsjnqxcfpt.jpg

This is so rare to experienced such this, and I am thankful that one of my workmate took this photo of me and my little teapot.

 photo 10425512_10206441978704380_2259339703207485531_n_zpso1lg68vu.jpgvv

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A Nice Summer Vacation


I haven’t gone to the beach for a while now and since it is summer my friends and I decided to plan a get together because we haven’t seen each other for months already. We went to Isla Reta a very beautiful beach resort in Samal Island. The beach was so nice, it’s very refreshing, and did I ever mention that it’s cheap?

We did a lot of fun stuff like swimming even though I don’t know how to swim, we grilled our own food and eat it by the beach. We really enjoyed the experience a lot! It would be really nice if you’re living near the ocean because  I love the smell of it. It’s very relaxing, and it helps me to calm my nerves. Going to the beach with your loved ones like family and friends is really a great way to relieve stress.

So what are you guys waiting for? Go to the beach now and have some fun! Chill and relax for just a day. I’m sure your family or friends will love it!

At The Cemetery This Year

If most of the people would like to visit in the cemetery on November 1, well I and my family would always visit the tomb of my Dad on November 02. It is not crowded at all unlike if you go to the cemetery on November 1, everywhere you passed through there will be many people and the traffic is also jammed. So even so we did not bring any foods this time, oh well I bought some bread to share it with Dad. LOL did I say they would smell the foods when we bring them?

After we prayed we took a picture of us with our Dad.

 photo IMG_0192_zps54d06c53.jpg

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PhilHealth What Can It Do For You?

What is Phil Health Stands for? It is Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

How can it help to us? The agency aims to provide all the Filipino people a health care. When a member is hospitalized, Phil Health will cover half of the payment or depends up to how much it is covered.

To become a member, PhilHealth will automatic would cover all working Filipinos either you work for the government and private sectors. If your are employed the HR of the company would be the one to provide you forms for registration.

What benefits you can get from the Phil Health? As I mentioned above the agency will cover hospital bills, it takes care in patient and even outpatient services.

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