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It Can’t Just Ruin Your Health

And so I will be in training for 3 months and they already started the gimmick in the team. Last Friday, after the shift the whole team agreed to have a get together. We went out to KTV, of course there were drinks and liquors but I did not drink. I made a promised to myself not to do such again, like drink and get too drunk. I went there to have fun with singing but with them who are a little bit tipsy already, it is hard to get a hold for the microphone at all. Either the mic was taken away from you or the song will be deleted. So I didn’t have the chance to sing. Nonetheless, I still have fun, looking at them got a bit wasted. I can still remember when I got wasted, it was not nice to look at because they are all making fun of you right after. So I made a promise not to do it again, never again. It can ruin your health and not only that but also your reputation.

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World Palace, Cloud Room

And so came the Saturday, I just asked Mj to absent in Kumon so I can go with my friends at the videoke bar. I was also able to correct the invitation; I clear it right away that the venue for the farewell party is World Palace and not Buffet Palace. When I arrived at the place, my friend was also there already, she reserved the cloud room for P1, 800.00. The price is good especially if you have many visitors to attend the party.

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It is my first to be able to be at this place. I have heard about this place a lot and so I was curious to be at this videoke bar. The one that we had before was Visa Videoke, it was near at Victoria Plaza but I think it didn’t take long and it was closed.

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I Forgot The Name Of That Palace

My friend asked me to invite our friends for videoke in World Palace, so I texted them that on Saturday, they have to make their selves available because it will be the farewell party of our friend. But I forgot the name of the place when I texted them because the name of the place I sent was Buffet Palace instead of World Palace. Good thing that while driving I was able to think that there’s no videoke in Buffet palace but it is in another palace, I was thinking Universal Palace or anything else. I just texted my friends again that we will be having a videoke for a hint and so one of my friends if that is for videoke then it should be World Palace. And so I immediately replied to her, it was actually the World Palace, I just forgot the name.

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