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So Proud

Just today my husband told me that he sold an expensive exercise machine at work. Yes, my husband is working at one of the mall for retired military in the US. It was only a part time job but we are thankful because that means to say it will cover some expenses at work. Don’t get me wrong, his pension can still manage us but with his work it would help us more for his ticket to us. He doesn’t have any commission for the sells he made but he said it felt good to fulfill something at work. I am so proud of his accomplishment today. We are struggling everyday but we make sure we will be able to overcome it. Yes, money can do so much to us but the family is always our priority that is why we are working so hard for them. To my husband, congratulations!

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Time Travel To Work

So I am living in the South and there’s only a few times that I would go to the north, I think just twice or thrice in a year. But now since I am working there in the North and it’s really a long travel now I feel like it is already near to me. Although yes, literally it is far yet I don’t have plans to look for a house in the north. I just love to live in the South, although North is improving with 2 big malls but I could not compare south at all. Oh well we have the best water source in the city that’s why I love it in here. I travel like 1 hour 1/2 everyday to work, it is 1 1/2 hour because of the traffic and I don’t have car at all to drive so I am just commuting and the Jeepney always stops to look for more passengers so that explains of the time travel.

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