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Team Buildings And Outings In 2017

Last year, I had a few numbers of team building and visiting some spots that I have never been before. Just last summer, I and the new team from the previous company, we were able to arrange an outing at D Leonor, I’d been with the place before and I guess that was the third time. I was able to visit their new pool for adults where we enjoyed a lot, it’s not near with the cottage that we rented because we have to ride a cab going there, you cannot just walk. It is too far.

Before the summer ends I was able to organized an outing for my family, we went out to Camp Holiday; we rented a room for a night.  I was the hostess so I was the one who spent for that family outing. The family enjoyed the stay in that resort especially the kids.

Just before I resigned from work, I and my workmates agreed to visit the Kapatagan in Digos, we rented a van for us to tour the spots. Although it was raining when we went there, and it was muddy going to Camp Sabro, it was never a dull, we enjoyed the view a lot. We just keep on laughing the whole trip. I missed my friends, whom I became from my previous company, but I don’t have to be sad all the time, I was able to make some friends with my new company.

After we graduated our training with the new company, I and my wave mates together with our trainer agreed to have some fun in one of the beach in Samal. It was just a small resort nothing really big on that resort but the important we were able to relax after the exhausting training.

And last but not the least was the recent trip that we had, we went to Buda just the first week of December, the fogs are just so nice to touch, especially when the night approaches, it was like cotton touching your skin. We rented a log house there; inside it was like you were staying in a house in the United States. I like the Alice Log House, I love the Hill View, if we were there early, we were able to touch the clouds in our bare hands but then it was already late when we arrived but the excitement did not stop from there. The view is very attractive, the nature is just so young and so sweet, I just hope that the place will be reserve and there will be no trees to be sacrificed so everyone can enjoy the scenery that the nature offers.

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Attacked By Rebels

Faith does not have class today so I have the whole day to just stay at home. I first open my FB to know some updates of my friends all over the world when I learned about what happen in Zamboanga. My friend updated her wall, saying all the schools are suspended, and then she wrote another update that some barangays there were attacked. I searched news again regarding with the attack and yes it is indeed all true. They were even able to catch some hostages for human shields, I was shocked. I mean it was only last month that 2 places here in Mindanao exploded because of a planted bomb and now here is another crisis. I hope this would end very soon, the city was like a ghost town, you could never a single car that is passing the road but only military who is always ready for anything. I hope that the city that once had a busy street would be able to come back in its shape.

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Who Knows?

I knew it, it was her but who knows?

This is the continuation of my post here.

Some good citizen was able to report what happen to the kid, and so the family was investigated, it has been found that the kid got not only bruises on her body but a fractured teeth and one big impact on her head. When the husband, the uncle of the kid was asked again, he said that yeah his wife used to hit the kid. I am not sure if there is a foul play, but I hope that whoever did that to the victim will be put in jail. It has been said that after the burial, that the aunt of the child will possibly put in jail.

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When you see some bruises to your nieces, nephews, or kids, what will you do? Would you ever wonder? Would you would ask the kid what happen to him or her, or where did the bruises came from, or who did that to him or her? What if the kid won’t answer, will you just ignore it because the kid did not care to answer you. Would you even care to send him or her to the hospital immediately; do you ever think that the bruises might be cause of his or her death?

Now, you will not undergo the kid to an autopsy, why? Is there something you are hiding that might result of an expose? Poor kid, she was not able to fight back or to depend herself because she is just a kid who is not that strong when the one who attack her is stronger than she is or even bigger than she is or even older than she is. Whoever did this to her, if the culprit is able to escape the law, yet he or she will not be able to escape the law of GOD. Somehow she or he must pay what he or she has done.

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