Feeding Pigeons In The Park

Last April, Faith was supposedly had a schedule for tooth extraction but when we get there, the dentist is not available so we went to our dentist and ask for help regarding Faith’s tooth. And she suggested we should not extract it because if we do, her teeth will move and she will have misplacement of teeth again.

Our dentist did not arrive yet so we walked to the fast food restaurant to eat, on our way their Faith was able to check some pigeons, she was so delighted that she asked me to buy foods for the pigeons so she can feed them. Here’s the video of Faith feeding the pigeon.

These amazing pigeons can be found in Rizal Park, some vendors are selling some foods for them. I am telling you it is a stress reliever when you have them on your hand eating. Faith enjoyed it so much that she keeps on going back to the spot where there were lots of pigeons landing on the ground to eat.

 photo cats.jpg

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Car Is Busted

It has been like days now that our car seems dragging when I run it on the road especially when I run through the uphill. I am having a hard time maneuvering it but I don’t want to stop in the middle, I am afraid that I might going to create traffic. So when I got home this time, I asked the mechanic to road test it, but he is already giving me signs to overhaul it again yet he still tried to send it over to the shop to identify what’s the problem of the car. And they were able to come out with a solution and that’s to overhaul it again. I am hesitant, I mean it has been like how many times it was overhaul and yet we are having the same problem for God’s sake it runs only one year and it’s damage again. I really want it to sell but how can I sell it this time while its broken, I need to fix it so I can get a buyer. I am positive that if I will fix this, I can find someone to buy it.

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We Were Just There Chilling

After we ate dinner in Penongs, I and my high school classmates went to a bar where we can watch live bands. I was so culture shock since it has been a while that I haven’t been to a place like this but nevertheless I enjoyed it a lot especially when the band started playing. If my daughter was there I am sure she would ask the live band for her to try strumming the guitar, I wonder if they are using the breedlove at musiciansfriend.com because the guitar sounded so great. We enjoyed the night, less talk though because the area was so crowded and it is very noisy plus the loud music. Thus, we were just there relaxing and chilling.

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Travelling Alone?

I haven’t been traveling alone, sad to say but I am not brave enough. There are many things I have in mind that it causes me to take aback. But believe me, I really want to explore so many places and so I was able to check this tips if you are traveling alone.

You must know your limits, do not go with risky places because anything can happen there, don’t turn your little vacation to be a disaster, so keep safe and stay within your limits.

You must know your schedule, itinerary is the best. If you can get a nice spot you can go, ask for someone who can lead you the way, and you must set a schedule, it is better that way than just planning and will never be able to visit the best.

If you are so new in the place, take a map and it is surely available in the hotel you will be staying in. So at least even you’re alone, you know the way to go back to the hotel. Don’t depend on just asking in local residents they might trick especially if they know you are a tourist, it can make your life in danger. Get a map and be a Dora!


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