3 Tips for Buying Your First Boat

You have money. You have a dream. You’re ready to buy your own boat and get to sailing on the water, but where do you even begin? Where do you look for these kinds of vessels? How can you be sure that you’re getting a good deal when you finally find one? If you’re in the market for a new boat, here are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop.

1. Know What You Need

There’s a big difference between a commercial fishing boat and a yacht meant for leisurely afternoons on the lake. If you need a boat for a specific purpose, place or activity, do some research about what will best suit your needs. This will help you narrow down categories and boat models before you start shopping, and it can also serve as a “direction” when it comes to choosing boat manufacturers in the first place.

2. Consider Its Specs

There’s more to a boat than length and width. There’s also a thing called weight capacity, and you’ll want to pay attention to this if a lot of people or products will be hauled around the water. There might also be power requirements if your boat is operated with an electric motor. What can you handle? What can you afford?

3. Mind Your Budget

Speaking of price, you’ll definitely want a budget before you go shopping for your new watercraft. There’s no “average” price for boats, so you could wind up spending anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars on your new baby. You’ll probably want some kind of line in the sand where things get too expensive for you. Remember, you might also need to buy things like fuel and deck accessories in addition to the boat itself!

These are just three tips for buying your first boat. As you can see, it’s just as complicated as buying a car or some other form of transportation, so take your time. Do it right. Look for reputable boat dealers Naples FL who can make sure that you’re getting a good deal.

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My Travel Buddy

My first team building experienced was with my youngest daughter. We went to Samal Island at that time it was also during summer. This time my travel buddy is no longer other than my eldest daughter. Actually this is the 2nd team building that she was able to experience with me and my workmates. Nonetheless, my workmates already know her.

On the other note, here’s our picture together with the recent team building at Compostela Valley Hot spring.

This picture below was inside the bus, we were waiting for the bus to be full. We did not rent the whole bus, we paid the fare individually based on the rate from Davao to Tagum.

 photo 13043638_10208780128676668_3231152511240640871_n.jpg

Me and my daughter inside the bus going to Tagum

 photo 13062033_10208780905416086_1632363433807700028_n.jpg

We were almost done bathing ourselves in the hot spring, this is the next morning. So you can see the place is already jam-packed with kids together with their parents. The place is not that expensive, it is not commercialized yet so the reason why the entrance is so affordable.

 photo 13006539_10208780128756670_2103369382623988516_n.jpg

My travel buddy, waiting for that big Jeep that will send us back over to Tagum. 

I wonder who among Faith, Mariel and Mj I will bring to my next adventure and travel

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The Busiest Summer

This will be the busiest summer we will ever have, after the competition in New Bataan last week, the team is preparing for a competition in Rizal, Manila. On May 16, we will depart bound for Manila, it will be two days competition for PSL and 8 days of having fun and adventures, the group is now talking what place we all be going, we agreed not to go to malls anymore as we always gone to the mall here in the city. As long as we can, we should spend the rest of the summer going to some resorts, beaches and a nature tripping as well. I am certain this is the best and more fun summer ever.

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