Cavanico Beach Resort In Samal

Just this month, that was December 2nd to be exact, we were able to join our previous swimming team to their Christmas Party. I tagged with me my niece Mariel as well; we met our friend in Jollibee at Ulas so we can go together in Cavanico Beach Resort in Samal. We arrived at the resort at least before noon. The resort was amazing; they have lots of things you can do there. The view is breathtaking, even if the  resort was a bit near the port. They were able to organize everything. The resort also has pool if you don’t like to soak yourself in the beach. They have activities paraphernalia, like speed boat, banana boat, things that you can enjoy in water. The rooms that we rented is clean, beds stored there can accommodate 8 people. From the entrance, since the cottage we rented was a bit far, they have small cabs that you can ride to go to your cottage so you have the option to walk or get a ride.

Of course whenever you go to Samal, expect a white sand then.

My youngest daughter with her signature pose

I and niece in the bedroom 

Take a look at the view

If you want to check for more please visit their Facebook page and or you can contact them on this phone numbers: 09173207349, 09985809837. Landline numbers are: 082 225 1562 and 082 225 1625.


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They Had Fun In Punta Del Sol In Samal

Our swimming club team held the Christmas party in the first week of December. They went to Punta Del Sol in Samal to hold the party. I have posted the beach resort here.

On the other hand, here are the fun photos during the event. My eldest daughter enjoyed it so much, although she was not able to received her gift that day, the memories that it brought is worth her time, it is priceless.


 photo 15267857_10209095014146515_4623193149674605802_n_zpsufnctrgx.jpg

Here’s the whole swimming team in our club

 photo 15241231_10209095022466723_9125738072280129880_n_zpsy6bui2wl.jpg

 photo 15284983_10209095022866733_5604585954051172192_n_zpskwmghgbf.jpg

Kids enjoying their swimming break for the moment, yes they are doing their training usually everyday. And this is the only time that they can just have fun, not minding their speed at all.

 photo 15220113_10209095023786756_871318308845568400_n_zpsufoo4r7n.jpg

My eldest daughter and her friends, they’re not actually so hungry. LOL

 photo 15349599_10209095025146790_3452624694420305242_n_zpshwmhhe1i.jpg

One of the closest she had in the swimming club

 photo 15338710_10209095028306869_3412094446503243069_n_zpsvnpzp2xg.jpg

This was their pad for the night

Too bad I was not able to join since I had work at that time. Nonetheless I could had fun as well. Our team mate Christmas Party came afterwards. I will posting about next time.

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Punta Del Sol In Samal

 photo Y922061020_zpsl4lzydi7.jpg

It was just this December 3 that the swimming club held their Christmas Party, I was not able to join because I have work that day and I could not file a leave anymore since it is the peak week, meaning to say we have so many calls we need to attend to and I can’t afford to be absent while my score will be at stake. It was only Mj who attended the said party, I was sure she will be able to enjoy it since her team mate will be all present.

They held it in Punta del Sol in Samal, they spent overnight there. The place is pretty neat. They were able to rent 2 dorms, enough for all the families who attended the event. Thank you to my friend because Mj was able to take a ride on their car. On the other hand, Punta del Sol is known for the amenities that you will be able to enjoy, one of it is the snorkeling. They are open for overnight accommodation as what the team was able to enjoy to, in just P300.00, you will be able to enjoy already the nature, and the underwater adventures. But if you only want to spend a day tour, entrance will only be P140.00

Punta del Sol is only like about 20 minutes’ drive from Sasa Wharf. If you want a place to help your stresses away for a moment then try to book Punta Del Sol.

Picture above is not mine, credit to the owner 
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Overnight Stay In The Resort On Her Birthday

I talked my husband about us going to Camp Holiday on Faith’s birthday and he agreed with it, sigh he is not here with us that time since he will be going back to the States real soon this week. I already inquire for the one night stay and it is like P1, 800.00 maybe we will extend this short get away. I am sure the kids love it. Camp Holiday is just in Samal, we will just ride a barge. I am not sure though if I would take the car with us in the barge maybe we will just leave it in the parking area for one or two nights just near the barge. The parking area is near the barge and it is guarded 24/7 so I really don’t have to worry.

The Camp Holiday is just where the barge will dock, it is indeed so accessible. They have swimming pool to those who would like to have plunge in the pool and they also have beach if you want to enjoy the salty water. I want to relax and chill so I might just stay in the room however in the second thought, since Faith is also a beach lover; I might just be with her the whole day.

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