Plan the Perfect Beach Getaway

A beach side getaway is the type of vacation you look forward to all year long. Vacations are a precious time of year that you save your time off and money for, and you don’t want to be disappointed once it finally arrives. To ensure a successful and enjoyable holiday, spend a little time pre-planning.


It is very important to choose lodging that meets your needs. Think about how many people will be in your group and how you plan to spend your time. Couples are often quite happy with a standard room in a local hotel or resort. Families and large groups will be more comfortable in a suite or one of the vacation rentals bald head island has to offer such as the homes from Seabreeze Rentals.


A large portion of your vacation budget will go for food. If your lodging includes a full kitchen, you’ll be able to make some of your meals yourself. Those staying at a hotel or resort may be able to take advantage of complimentary breakfasts. Otherwise,you need to do your homework before you leave home. Make sure the area you are staying in has restaurants and eateries nearby. Many establishments post their menu online. This will help you plan which ones will best suit your tastes.


Activities available in the top tourist areas can book up quickly. Before you leave home, decide which ones are the most important to you and your companions. Make sure you book these ones in advance and pre-purchase tickets. Waiting until you arrive could result in being told they have no openings left. Don’t go overboard with your planning. Save room for a little spontaneity as well.

By taking the time to pre-plan for your beach vacation, you will be ensuring a happy and enjoyable getaway. The time and effort it takes to do this will be greatly rewarded by a headache free vacation in a beautiful location.

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Blue Jazz Slides

 photo 988693_10201375439004054_125583085_n_zpsf16840ff.jpg

And since I did not bring my camera for this short and unplanned get away, I just satisfied myself clicking with my tablet. And this is the result; I just made a collage from PICSART. They have a nice rule in that area though, no kids allowed since I guess the slides are a bit dangerous for them. I did not even try it myself; I have no guts like my youngest daughter has. I just contented with a bit splashing in the pool, I don’t even go to deep waters. I am surely okay with 2 feet level of water in the pool. LOL

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Unplanned Getaway

I was a bit busy preparing for my little teapot for school when I received a call from my friend, saying if it’s okay I can accompany them somewhere she also asked me to bring a swim wear. And because I was in a hurry to send Faith to school, I was not able to bring one and besides if ever they will go to Marco Polo to swim I’ll just send them there and fetch Faith afterwards. But I learned they have to cross a sea, we all be going in Blue Jazz to be exact and there’s no way I can drop Faith to school and fetch her after because for sure I will be staying for hours. I mean this would only once in a lifetime that I can step foot to the resort since I haven’t been there before so I must grab the opportunity to see the whole resort. I fill the gas of my car so I won’t worry if I still have gas or not while driving. We arrived at 1:00 in the afternoon and we are all starving, my friend ordered our meal immediately and while waiting we talked about some stuffs, after lunch we all jumped to the pool. Faith was so excited that she didn’t care if the pool was shallow or not, good thing that the brother of my friend was just nearby and she was able to give a hand to Faith. Faith said she forgot to say help, she was able to come back but I guess she had a hard time, I know she can already swim as a dog as what she claimed.

We were able to roam around the resort, we never slipped away the chance for taking pictures, and we went to the big slides. But sad to say the kids are not allowed there so after one of us took the opportunity to slide. We went to the kiddie slides and let the kids slide. I am just so proud of Faith because she can do it her own already, I just don’t like her to do some exhibition and stunts. Since I did not bring any swim wear I just bought some from the stores there. So even though it was unplanned and we were not that prepared, we still had a blast. How I wish we will go back there again

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Beach Moment With Relatives

As I said to my other blog, I had so much fun today, although tiring when we got home but I can’t deny that I enjoy dipping in the water together with my kids and relatives. The place was a bit far because we have to go through inside of a some sort of residences before reaching the beach that my cousin told us about. It was not a very developed beach resort but if you are in a budget that beach will be the place to go to.


Good thing, I was able to bring my Digicam, thanks to my daughter who never forgot to mention the camera. That’s my sister and cousin.


My eldest daughter and the sister of my Mom joined then the picture taking at the cottage they rented.


With my youngest daughter now who had tantrums when I didn’t allow her to run anywhere the beach. Oh well, it was high tide already and I am afraid she would go far away.


My eldest daughter together with her cousin, enjoying the water so much. Look at that smile!

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