Driver’s License When Can I Have You?

It has been a year already that I have renewed my Driver’s License yet until now it is still not done. What is the use of the new update of 5 years instead of 2 years if you can’t have it right away so if I have to wait for it, when it’s done I can only use it for what 2 years or even less? I know that you can use the receipt for you to drive but I don’t know, I am just not confident with the official receipt only. I feel more secure if I have my Driver’s License ID in my wallet, somehow it can gain me confidence when I drive. Good thing that our car is busted, yeah it has been few months I wasn’t able to attend it. I still need some piston ring and hell it was way too expensive and I just can’t afford it right now. I just hope that I can at least get a budget for it. I miss driving ya know!

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