Some Pictures In Kadayawan Festival 2014

My niece was able to join the Kadayawan Festival last Sunday. And since we had agreement to share the pictures she took so here I am posting it. All the pictures were so bright, but sad to say she was not able to take pictures of the float, only faces for their humanities subject.

 photo IMG_0041_zpsd86f5bc1.jpg

 photo cats_zps90afb9b6.jpg

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I Can’t Go Out In Kadayawan But My Niece Will

Wow, the time really flies so fast because it is now August 14 and guess what Kadayawan is really just around the corner but sad to say I will not be able to watch the parade this Sunday because my niece have a project at school. They are task to take some pictures of the event and the pictures should be presented to their Humanities Subject. We don’t have DSLR camera but she just borrowed mine and she said she will also borrow the DSLR of her classmate. I told her to share the pictures and she agreed so even though I could not roam around on that day taking pictures of the parade, my niece will be there and I am sure I will have great pictures. My niece loves taking pictures, she will edit it using the photoshop and it really looks good.

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