Due To Heavy Rains

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Photo was taken here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=586078654740505&set=o.81514542265&type=1&theater

Just snag this picture in FB. As I mentioned yesterday most areas are flooding here in our place. The picture above is the Davao River and yes it is almost reached up to the bridge already. The residence who leaves near the river were asked to evacuate immediately. Though no casualties were reported but of course many families were very affected with the said flood.

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The Flood Trail

Even after three days since the Matina was affected by flood, you can still look at how the place was attacked by a massive floods, you can still the weary of the people who were affected. You can hear a lot of different stories of how they were able to survive, some was rescued but some was washed away by the flood carried by their houses. Some were able to climb to their roofs to stay.

After three days, I went out from our house to send my daughter to her KUMON session; we sat down at the front seat to have the clearer view of the street and the place that was affected. Here are the pictures I took:

The mud, it was a bit clean now but they are still trying to wipe away the trail.

This is a restaurant and it has been days they were close due for the flood traces.

You may take a look of the roof


The house was beaten and down

Trying to save the documents and papers for their office

We really need your sincere prayers nowadays!

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