On Our Way To Camp Holiday

When we were on our way to the beach last Sunday, I was already suspecting our car I just ignore it because I know if I do, I may not be brave enough to drive the car to the beach. Good thing, it survived even though it was very very hot. We arrived at the beach at 12: 00 noon we were already starving; we took our lunch right away.

My brother in law did not bring his motorcycle, sister said he doesn’t have enough sleep so there is no way he can drive so they just took a taxi cab going to the beach with my daughter and her cousin Dodong. They enjoyed the barge so much that my sister can’t help herself but to take some pictures.

 photo 17991239_10207021314730856_2483343648662370539_n_zpsadusm3gz.jpg

We waited on queue on our way to the Barge, yeah we need to wait for almost an hour so we can bring the car to the venue, the car needs to be carried by the Barge. Good thing that while waiting I did not forget to take a picture of us. Sister Merlyn, Faith, Ate Moreen and Kuya Yan Yan were the one with me inside the car.

 photo 18118532_10212256570945552_6870971292179221687_n_zps5muqjfgh.jpg

 photo 18010694_10212256571545567_4094675491310537192_n_zpszfh80uwn.jpg

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The Getaway Was Finalized

Yes and we all decided to spend the getaway beside the bay. It is after shift and I got drunk. But I am responsible so no weirdos happen, it is just that I kept on singing, I know it is all with emotion. LOL

On the other hand, I don’t want it to happen again, it is so tiring I was not able to enjoy my day off because I spent it on the bed for whole night. I was not able to bond with my kids especially with Faith. Good thing that Faith was so busy watching her favorite program in the TV. And did not mind me at all.

They slept on the other bedroom and I slept on the other one. Anyway, what happen in Whaspil, stays there I hope my workmate will kept that promise. Hahaha! Never it will happen again, that is the last.

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Inside The Garbage Bag

When we went for a vacation last month, the boat that we were riding for us to get to the resort sunk. There is one thing I learned from that accident whenever you will ride a boat, you should bring a garbage bag so you can put all your gadgets there, I tell you if the garbage will soaked in the water, the gadget inside the garbage bag remains dry. I even searched it here and yes it is guaranteed that your gadgets will not get wet at all. But even with that little accident, it did not stop us to enjoy the vacation. The beach is still a virgin, the water is very clean and clear. My eldest had so much fun with Kayaking and swimming and even snorkeling, my youngest daughter enjoyed the water also, imagine from morning until sunsets, we were in the water. Haha! Good luck with our sun born, which until now we still have it.

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No Vacation This Summer

 photo 01012011546_zpsbfd18cfb.jpg

I miss having a vacation in a resort; actually I miss our Pearl Farm vacation together with my kids. It was two years ago that I treat my kids for a New Year celebration in Pearl Farm; we stayed there for one night. And now since it is summer, I miss taking them to places it is just sad to say that I am in a tight budget right now. Not to mention of Mj’s enrolment at the new school and her guitar lesson plus the guitar itself, Faith is also having a summer class and Mariel with her summer class as well. I guess there’s no way I can take them to a resort and stay there for a while, maybe I will just take them to the beach for a summer splash but definitely we will not stay there overnight. How I wish I could but I know I can’t this time.

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