Simple Things

I am in sentimental mode this time, I’d been listening to some mellow music through you tube, it makes me smile to hear those lovely songs while I am busy updating my blog.

There are times that when we like to just tone down, we need those music to relax, to unwind even we are only in the four corners in our room. Funny quotes could also help us to laugh and to smile when there is nobody who is available for us to laugh with or to talk with, reading those quotes would simply make our day. You see there are many things, even how simple it is. It can still be the source of our happiness. We just have to look around. Remember, happiness is a choice, and it is for us how to make those simple things be the cause of our joy.

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The Voice

Most often than not, when a mother speaks through her heart it would lead to something that makes a child her/his inspiration for success.

When my daughter was struggling to beat her time, I spoke to her then she amazingly swim as fast as she was like gathering all her strength to make it that time.

I realized that when kids need a total uplifting, you just have to talk to them, and they will do their best to make it. A voice of a Mom can do miracles to their kids. No matter how depressing the situation is, they can find a way for it. When the parents have a total support for their kids skills and talents, when they boost them up, kids can go father beyond your expectations. So when you feel like, your kids are struggling academically or in sports they are joining just talk to them, inspire them and they would soar high, even more!

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