Daprisa Competition Held Today

Today is my eldest daughter’s inter-school competition. So even at work, I called the house to make sure that she can wake up early otherwise she will be late. My niece was the one who woke up with my call, I asked her to wake Mj up so she can prepare since her teacher will be the one to fetch her.

I called Mj again during my breakfast time at work, her voice is low I thought she just woke up. I asked where she is, she answered she is already with her teacher. She said she is already very nervous. I told her to relax and just have fun.

I wanted to go but I can’t leave early at work. So I was just hoping that she was having fun. When we log out from work, I called her coach and he said that he is in the meeting with other coaches if Mj will qualify to DCAA. I told him I will fetch so she have to wait for me.

When I arrived at the venue, her coach approaches me right away and said Mj was able to qualify. She has 2 silver and 1 gold. They will only qualify to swim and won for gold and silver so Mj fit in. Mj was so happy to hear she will be able to join the DCAA once more. I am not sure if she will qualify to the next round after DCAA, we can only hope. And two weeks only of training, with what she achieve now that is a lot already.


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