So Proud

Just today my husband told me that he sold an expensive exercise machine at work. Yes, my husband is working at one of the mall for retired military in the US. It was only a part time job but we are thankful because that means to say it will cover some expenses at work. Don’t get me wrong, his pension can still manage us but with his work it would help us more for his ticket to us. He doesn’t have any commission for the sells he made but he said it felt good to fulfill something at work. I am so proud of his accomplishment today. We are struggling everyday but we make sure we will be able to overcome it. Yes, money can do so much to us but the family is always our priority that is why we are working so hard for them. To my husband, congratulations!

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Almost Got The Job In A Cool-Chic Place

I was recommended by my cousin, she told me about the hiring and when they called me, I went there right away for an interview. The next day I was in a final interview. The first question is if I already resigned, and I answered “not yet” I was willing to get the job if they would hire me but I need to render a resignation letter and I can’t start right away, I need to render at least 2 weeks even though the requirement is one month. I am willing to risk my tenure-ship for them but they didn’t, they wanted my answer right there and then so I said I think about it.

I love the place, I was able to sneak a peek in the floor, it is so cool, and they have their music on and so loud. The whole place is just cool-chic. But I can’t be there, I can’t just leave my current job and disappear like a bubble. I can’t do that; this company hired me professionally so I should exit gracefully and diplomatically. I need to at least be fair to them.

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