So Proud

Just today my husband told me that he sold an expensive exercise machine at work. Yes, my husband is working at one of the mall for retired military in the US. It was only a part time job but we are thankful because that means to say it will cover some expenses at work. Don’t get me wrong, his pension can still manage us but with his work it would help us more for his ticket to us. He doesn’t have any commission for the sells he made but he said it felt good to fulfill something at work. I am so proud of his accomplishment today. We are struggling everyday but we make sure we will be able to overcome it. Yes, money can do so much to us but the family is always our priority that is why we are working so hard for them. To my husband, congratulations!

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Back To Being A Member

It has been a year already that I gave up being a member in Global Pinoy, since I could not meet their requirements. One of their requirements is to submit a Passport or Visa from my husband, which I could not send in because he is not here and he seems, could not make a copy at all and I don’t know why? But recently when I went there to get my husband wired for us, I asked the in-charge again of the requirements if they really needed the Passport or Visa of my husband, they said they no longer needed it and all I have to do is to surrender my old Global Pinoy card and I’ll just present my ID then that’s it. I am a member again.

 photo 576dd74b-ac3b-42b8-ae3f-889fe1a980ae.jpg

This is their new ID, it’s too green, seems like it reflects to the environment because of its color and I like it. 

I could not contain my happiness when I became a member again, now I have some place to stay whenever I need to wait for my kids especially during Friday since I have to wait for them in the pool.

 photo 14724505_10210265967781717_6542915497920954431_n.jpg

To renew the card, you have to pay P 150.00 for 1 year membership instead of 2 years.

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Thumbs UP

Whenever the kids were done with their event, we will always go to the mall to unwind and when we were roaming around the mall. I saw this, in the picture below.

 photo IMG_0013_zpse9d7b0a5.jpg

We were laughing so hard, I know what’s my friends were thinking but ooppss you are wrong, you might want to check the last picture.

 photo IMG_0014_zps57c5ddbe.jpg

Yes, it is the thumbs up ice cream displayed in the mall. LOL

 photo IMG_0012_zps7bdb9573.jpg

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