It Is Almost Mothers Day

Yeah, it is almost Mothers Day and believe me I want to do something for my kids on that day but sad to say our budget is so tight because our car is busted again and I need to spend all the savings I had for it and besides this month will be the enrollment for my kids for the next school year. On the other hand, it is also my sister’s birthday, I promised to treat her in one of the Korean Restaurant here but sad to say I can’t because again our budget is to repair our car. Yeah there are many occasions this month that I needed to let it pass because again our car needs to be repair,  geez when can I sell it so I don’t have anything to spend more money for, I won’t really going to buy one again.

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The Restaurant On Mother’s Day

I always like to take pictures in a restaurant, or any spots that me and the kids went to for bonding. Last Mother’s Day we went to Italianis to dine and as well to celebrate the Mother’s Day. Mariel and MJ went out from the restaurant at the moment, when I saw this scene inside the restaurant, immediately I took the camera from my bag and took a picture of the place.

 photo HPIM0567_zps2e680373.jpg

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