It Is Almost Mothers Day

Yeah, it is almost Mothers Day and believe me I want to do something for my kids on that day but sad to say our budget is so tight because our car is busted again and I need to spend all the savings I had for it and besides this month will be the enrollment for my kids for the next school year. On the other hand, it is also my sister’s birthday, I promised to treat her in one of the Korean Restaurant here but sad to say I can’t because again our budget is to repair our car. Yeah there are many occasions this month that I needed to let it pass because again our car needs to be repair,  geez when can I sell it so I don’t have anything to spend more money for, I won’t really going to buy one again.

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You Will Soon Forget Them

I’d been too busy lately, I don’t even have time to get enough sleep. Good thing that the kids had their school break on October 26 so I don’t have to go to school to fetch them up after I went home from work. But a week is not enough for me to get things clear. I am always busy with work online and offline, running around to pay bills, buy grocery for the house and all that stuff.

Yesterday we went to the cemetery to pay my father a visit. When we were approaching the grave, my niece just blurted.

If you are dead even how close you are to the one who died, you eventually will forget them. We can only even visit them once a year.

What she said is true, we may eventually will forget them but I believe they are always in our hearts. Life has to go on no matter what, it will be hard at first but sooner or later you will get used to it that they no are no longer around. We just have to learn how to accept and let go because if you will not let go how will you survive?

There are people who would love to visit their love ones in the cemetery every month, some won’t at all. But us, we always make sure that we will gather on my father’s grave on November 2. It has been a tradition, but this time we went there at 8 in the morning because it would always rain in the afternoon. It has been days that its raining later in the afternoon.

It was a well spent rest day because I was able to visit my Dad on his grave and I get to share laughter with my kids, nieces, and sister. It was indeed worth it.

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Lacking Of Blooming Flowers In Baguio

It is almost February 14, but then the farmers in Baguio are worried because their flowers did not bloom for the season. It said that the place is too cold and the flowers are lacking of sunshine. One farmer keeps on making rounds to her farm, trying to check if there are still flowers that blooms for the festival but to her dismay there are only few in full blooms. Recently Baguio is experiencing 10 degree Celsius; there was also one time that one part in Benguet experienced negative 5 degree Celsius. Some vendors are panicking because some customers are already making a reservation on Valentine’s Day.

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