Mini Museum

It was when summer just started, I and Faith visited our Dentist so to get fill in to her tooth. When our appointment is done, we decided to visit the mini museum beside the clinic. Faith was very delighted to check the image of our ancestors and the city before.

 photo cats_zps6ma5zmfr.jpg

These were the only pictures we took since we are not allowed to take anything during the tour. Yes, there is a tour guide who would tell you everything on the display. The reason why we are not allowed to take a picture or a video is because, they would like to preserved the images and the whole place I think, you know how much social media can travel places, they wanted to preserved what it is inside to look more mysterious.  Admit it if you already know what’s inside then your curiosity will just blow up, your excitement to visit the museum will be gone because you already seen it through pictures in social media. To preserve the excitement, they needed to make it that way. I am telling you, your time will not be wasted when you visit this mini museum along Magallanes, and mind you it doesn’t have any entrance fee. It is free for you; all you need to do is visit.

 photo 17554429_10212002821561976_4031527724181313533_n_zps1stoc94o.jpg

The mother and daughter image obviously

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Feeding Pigeons In The Park

Last April, Faith was supposedly had a schedule for tooth extraction but when we get there, the dentist is not available so we went to our dentist and ask for help regarding Faith’s tooth. And she suggested we should not extract it because if we do, her teeth will move and she will have misplacement of teeth again.

Our dentist did not arrive yet so we walked to the fast food restaurant to eat, on our way their Faith was able to check some pigeons, she was so delighted that she asked me to buy foods for the pigeons so she can feed them. Here’s the video of Faith feeding the pigeon.

These amazing pigeons can be found in Rizal Park, some vendors are selling some foods for them. I am telling you it is a stress reliever when you have them on your hand eating. Faith enjoyed it so much that she keeps on going back to the spot where there were lots of pigeons landing on the ground to eat.

 photo cats.jpg

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Almost Got The Job In A Cool-Chic Place

I was recommended by my cousin, she told me about the hiring and when they called me, I went there right away for an interview. The next day I was in a final interview. The first question is if I already resigned, and I answered “not yet” I was willing to get the job if they would hire me but I need to render a resignation letter and I can’t start right away, I need to render at least 2 weeks even though the requirement is one month. I am willing to risk my tenure-ship for them but they didn’t, they wanted my answer right there and then so I said I think about it.

I love the place, I was able to sneak a peek in the floor, it is so cool, and they have their music on and so loud. The whole place is just cool-chic. But I can’t be there, I can’t just leave my current job and disappear like a bubble. I can’t do that; this company hired me professionally so I should exit gracefully and diplomatically. I need to at least be fair to them.

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Camp Holiday Or Paradise?

Since March I’d been planning a beach getaway with my family, I was thinking Camp Holiday but recently I am contemplating with that and Paradise Beach Resort.

Camp Holiday offers almost everything, they have beach, of course obviously, we’re talking about sea water, the thing is that it is beside a port and everyone going to the port or in the barge itself, everybody can see us swimming. I mean duh? It’s a beach resort of course you can see everyone swims. On the other hand they also have swimming pool if you like to soak in chlorine water. I am sure, my kids especially Faith would love and will enjoy the place.


 photo CAMPHOLIDAY2_zpsrbuhhtf7.jpg

 photo CAMPHOLIDAY1_zps30c9fvdz.jpg

Why confused all a sudden of what beach I wanted to go with my family?

Convenience for all of us and money matter of which place is the most affordable. And besides I miss Paradise, it has been a while since I haven’t been in the resort. The last time I went there is with a friend and her family, and it was like how many years ago already.

 photo paradise1_zpsya3oczmn.jpg

 photo paradise2_zpsprlmrdpe.jpg

On the other hand, I supposed to call the resorts today but geez I was not feeling well this afternoon. I was in the mall ready to grocery shop but after I took my lunch my stomach aches so much that I could not even walk, when I went home I seek for my bedroom right away and lay down for how many hours. My youngest daughter put some menthol ointment on my tummy to relieve the pain. I woke up late and the offices are all close. I hope I can make a call tomorrow so to finalize this family getaway.

Disclosure: Pictures are not mine but from their websites

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