Hit The Road Going To Camp Sabros

The long wait is over, after of so many arguments and plans, I and my friends in the floor were able to make it. We were able to stick with the plan in going to Kapatagan in Digos. Our original plan is just to commute but my friend’s friend offered us a van that we can rent for a day with a driver. We supposed to rent one room in one of our destination but we changed our mind, with lots of going on in our country nowadays it’s better to go home right after our adventures.

After our shift, we bought things to bring there. I brought already my travel bag, I put lots of pairs there thinking I may changed lots of clothes because we were planning also to swim in the pool but it didn’t push through. It is because after our last destination, it is already almost 5 in the afternoon and we need to be on the road going home.

Traveling the place is easy but going to where we wanna go is a challenge especially when we are about to go home. I thought Camp Sabros can be reached by a car but nope it’s not, it can already reach by a motorcycle but most of the time it can only reach by a horse but when the ground is wet and slippery, it can only reach by walking and that time, we need to walk because it was raining already. Good thing I have my umbrella with me, there were 3 of us brought an umbrella so since we were 6, we shared the 3 umbrellas, 2 pairs each of umbrella. Some of us are excited to experience the zip line but too bad the rain really pours hard that the management did not allow us to use the equipment at all, so we just went there for coffee and for picture taking.

After Camp Sabros, we went to Mountain Highlands but it was just a bad timing because they are not open on Tuesday. So we went ahead to Lake Mirror, and afterward we went to the pool where we can also find the Kublai Park, the place was overlooking, you can even touch the fog that surrounds us since we are in a hill. It could have been nice or even more if we stayed for an hour or two but our time is limited we need to hit the road at least before 6 in the evening.

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Road Trip With Workmates

It’s the last day of our shift, because tomorrow will be our rest day. I want to finish my online task but I just can’t do it because my laptop is still in the shop. So I plan to go to the Internet Cafe to at least update my blog. I told my friends that I could not be with them going home because I need to post the opportunity that a site gave me. One of my friends suggested that I can use their computer at home for free and unlimited. But I declined the idea until one workmate let me borrow his netbook. I was actually surprised I mean one workmate is letting me borrow his laptop, I mean that’s pretty amazing right, never in my entire life that somebody offered me a help.

On the other hand, we still have to pick up the laptop in their house. In exchange since I guess he misses driving he was the one behind the wheel now. I was in the back seat but geez I have to hold tight because he ran the car so fast not the usual way when I am driving it. I know that I tend to be a backseat driver, I could not help it I guess I am not use to it. My workmates laugh so hard of my reactions, because I kept on mumbling and it is seen to my face that I already got nervous, he slow down later though but they could not stop the laugh.

It was indeed a road trip but I guess next time I will be the one behind the wheel. It is not that I didn’t trust my workmate but it is best if I am the one handling it, I could not feel any goosebumps.


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Hitting The Road For Team Building

Yes! The counting is over. We are here going to the venue where we will meet my workmates. I will be driving my car to work and park my car there so when we get back tomorrow, I will be driving back the car again to home.

I got up so early and woke Mj up too so we will not be late. But sad to say we were still late because we have to wait for my workmate to meet us. We were texting him, he said he is on his way it is just that the Jeep that he rode is so slow and was picking up some passengers on the way.

When my workmate came, I took the Diversion road so we can arrive in the venue not too late. I have to hit 60 or even higher just to save us from fines. Good thing our Team Leader decided not to impose it. When we arrived, we have to wait to one of our workmates so we will go together in Tagum.

We hoped to arrive early but unfortunately the bus that we rode busted. The aircon blew up that makes it so smelly. We could not even take it so we went out. The bus driver decided to transfer us to another bus, which already on its way. When we were in the bus, I feel like my stomach is already growling.


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31st PTO

I plotted my leave 4 weeks ago I think since my daughter will have a competition on that day. But later I found out, the competition that supposed to be on the 31st this month is moved on June, which is next month. There were speculations though that it will be move on June 13, 2015 and I was closed to plot it again. Good thing, I stopped myself and said to wait for the go signal of our coach. Just a week ago our coach confirmed that it is moved on June 28, 2015. Now the thing is that, whatever reason is when I tried to plot the 28th of June, it was denied. I am not sure anymore, what to do. Our TL though said not to worry since I can still plot at least two weeks before 28th. I hope though because I really don’t want to call in absent that day.

On the 31st, our team decided to have the kids training in Tagum. It was a good thing though and so my leave will be gone to waste. So this Sunday I might be driving again to Tagum to send my eldest daughter for 50 meter pool training.

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