Chasing Jeepneys

Yes we are chasing Jeepneys every morning; it has been weeks already that our situation is like chasing Jeepneys. I blamed for the construction going on but that’s the only way to have fully concrete road so they are exempted but really it is hard especially if you have a kid you need to attend to every morning while you are looking for a Jeepney.

There was one time that Faith even surprisingly scream saying “Run for your lives” while we were running to the Jeepney. When we were able to finally sit down,   all the passengers were laughing at us. It is advantage to have a car to take you to everywhere but our car is not fix yet.  And besides we will not be using that anymore, I am planning to repaint it so we can sell it. The earning will be fixing the house or getting a new car, I am not sure.


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Road Trip With Workmates

It’s the last day of our shift, because tomorrow will be our rest day. I want to finish my online task but I just can’t do it because my laptop is still in the shop. So I plan to go to the Internet Cafe to at least update my blog. I told my friends that I could not be with them going home because I need to post the opportunity that a site gave me. One of my friends suggested that I can use their computer at home for free and unlimited. But I declined the idea until one workmate let me borrow his netbook. I was actually surprised I mean one workmate is letting me borrow his laptop, I mean that’s pretty amazing right, never in my entire life that somebody offered me a help.

On the other hand, we still have to pick up the laptop in their house. In exchange since I guess he misses driving he was the one behind the wheel now. I was in the back seat but geez I have to hold tight because he ran the car so fast not the usual way when I am driving it. I know that I tend to be a backseat driver, I could not help it I guess I am not use to it. My workmates laugh so hard of my reactions, because I kept on mumbling and it is seen to my face that I already got nervous, he slow down later though but they could not stop the laugh.

It was indeed a road trip but I guess next time I will be the one behind the wheel. It is not that I didn’t trust my workmate but it is best if I am the one handling it, I could not feel any goosebumps.


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Tuesday Travel # 9 : Almost Zero Visibility


In our way from Cagayan along Malay Balay Bukidnon, it was already dark when we noticed that we could not see anything in the road. It was almost zero visibility caused by the fog along the way, the van keeps it signal so the other car will notice that we are also running ahead. The worst is the street was already hilly, and since the other side is a cliff and the other side is mountainous, that road was prone for hold ups. The kids were sleeping already at that time, as it was already 9:00 p.m., everyone is silent. But I was wide awake, observing the road and the fog, I was praying that no one would harm us, we have kids inside the van and I was worried if in case. It was almost 11:00 p.m, that we passed that road and I am thankful that we survive and we were safe.


My sister told me that when she travels and it is already dark if she passed by that road, she usually stopped and rent a room overnight because that road has reported many incidents of robbery.


The pictures above were also taken near that road, it fogged at that time too but not much since it was already 10:00 a.m.

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