This Acquaintance Party

My eldest daughter is getting busy with her music band. They had an audition last Friday and last night she found out that her band was one of the music bands that would compete this coming Friday for their acquaintance party. I couldn’t be more proud of her achievement; playing drum is one of the things she want to do, next to swimming. Bad thing though because I can’t watch her play, it is not that I don’t have time but it is because parents are not allowed anymore to watch them.

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Guitars Are Missing In School

Just got home from my kids’ school, I took Faith’s violin to home since she is not playing with it anymore in school. The teacher said that Faith is more interested in Piano and not the Violin anymore, sigh if I only knew this, I could have not bought the violin last year but it is too late now.

Good thing I took the violin now because I heard from a teacher there that there were music equipment missing and most of them are guitars. On the other note, Mj is clear though because she don’t bring her guitar in school or leave it overnight. Oh she better take good care of it, otherwise I won’t grant her request for tc electronic nova system, she is asking me that so it would create a very amazing sounds when she played her guitar especially now that they will have a recital on December and I am so excited about it. Oh forgive me I am a Mom and I am always proud of Mj, actually both of them. Mj and Faith.

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Permit To Travel From DSWD

My friend’s daughter has to go to Manila to take a written examination for college, since her parents can’t go with her yet she has to fly alone in the plane. Her parents booked her over the counter; little did they know that there are new rules for minor when they travel on air. If before they would allow minors to travel alone, well not anymore, because they have to secure a permit to travel from DSWD. The parents were used to just send their daughter in the airport when her daughter has to go to Manila for vacation with their relatives in Manila, they could not do that  at all now. So the parents went to DSWD to asked for that paper, they asked why they have to do that since it was not restricted before, they said that it is to prevent human trafficking, that illegal business has spread all over the country and it is getting worst as the years passed by.

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