On Our Way To Camp Holiday

When we were on our way to the beach last Sunday, I was already suspecting our car I just ignore it because I know if I do, I may not be brave enough to drive the car to the beach. Good thing, it survived even though it was very very hot. We arrived at the beach at 12: 00 noon we were already starving; we took our lunch right away.

My brother in law did not bring his motorcycle, sister said he doesn’t have enough sleep so there is no way he can drive so they just took a taxi cab going to the beach with my daughter and her cousin Dodong. They enjoyed the barge so much that my sister can’t help herself but to take some pictures.

 photo 17991239_10207021314730856_2483343648662370539_n_zpsadusm3gz.jpg

We waited on queue on our way to the Barge, yeah we need to wait for almost an hour so we can bring the car to the venue, the car needs to be carried by the Barge. Good thing that while waiting I did not forget to take a picture of us. Sister Merlyn, Faith, Ate Moreen and Kuya Yan Yan were the one with me inside the car.

 photo 18118532_10212256570945552_6870971292179221687_n_zps5muqjfgh.jpg

 photo 18010694_10212256571545567_4094675491310537192_n_zpszfh80uwn.jpg

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Summer Wishes Are Complete

Finally, I was able to comply my youngest daughter this summer and that is going to the beach in one of the weekend this month. I thought I could not make it, but a promise is a promise so even though the budget is tight. I have to make it, I have to for them.

I did not bring only my kids for a small summer get away but the whole family, thank GOD because the foods were just enough until the next day. I know that I was worried and I even post it in my Sahm’s Dining Diary that we might run out of food the next day before we checked out, which is today but viola, we did not. The viands were just enough; in fact we still have some left. On the other hand, Camp Holiday has some additional amenities that you may enjoy and that were the swimming pool for the hotel guests. I think at least it was not there before, my sister even confirmed that but maybe it has been a while that we didn’t visit the place. The kids enjoyed it a lot, especially when it is not too shallow, Mj was able to dive and wore her favorite swim suit.

Faith, on the other hand ran around the place the whole day that when it was started to get dark she just stayed in the room the whole night watching TV and playing some games. The teenagers were still enjoying the pool, others were playing the billiard. I can hear them laughing in the guest room.

Now were at home tired and satisfied, but I still need to go out with kids a little bit later, Faith and Mj has Kumon to attend to at 4:00 in the afternoon and when I get home after two hours needed to sleep for work later. Ciao for now!


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Learn More On Summer

It is summer and when it is summer teenagers are thinking so many things to make money just like my daughter. She thought of teaching kids who doesn’t know how to swim, she think also of tutoring math to everyone and lastly she wanted to teach kids how to play guitar. She needs connection though to accomplish all these things. But of course her students also needs to buy their own guitar I would highly recommend them to Learn more about us at MusiciansFriend.com, and if they did they will start to learn everything. My daughter also browse some guitars on this website and she found lots of it that she would love to own in the future. And I always tell him that when we have money we can definitely purchase one for her.

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Lost In The City

We will be going back to Manila on summer now with full awareness that when you have to take a taxi, you need to repeat like number of times to the driver of where will you are going to avoid being lost amid in the city.

When we went there last summer, we visited the Mega mall at the Pasig branch since that was the nearest mall from the venue where the competition for Milo was held. We had to go back to the apartment that we rented so we could rest before the competition, we actually went out from the mall at 1:00 p.m., we told the driver of the cab where we were heading but to our surprise, he took us off in Pasay. He told us of the Chowking and Jollibee as those were the food chain that we told him as a hint of a road going to where the apartment was.

So you see, from Pasig to Pasay and Pasay to Pasig, we have to take first a Jeepney, then a bus, then a bus, then a Jeepney again and another Jeepney then a tricycle. We arrived home almost dark, we were so hungry and tired yet we have to prepare dinner for our kids.

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