Signs That You You Have To Move Out Of The City

If before many opportunities are coming your way in the city but not now anymore. Yes you have work and your salary is bigger than of the province however if traffic jam is giving you stress. Then you have to think now. It is indeed frustrating to just get bored in the city, especially when your daily routine is work and home, oh well how can you unwind at night when you don’t feel safe anymore plus the floods when it rains. You have no energy at all to travel back and forth because of the stress caused by long travels. City has everything but it is already difficult to catch with the cost of living, yes you have bigger salary than what you have in the province but if you can’t eat 3x a day and if you do, you don’t feel like enjoying it, you really have to think now of moving out. On the other hand, as I mentioned there are already opportunities that you don’t expect in Visayas and Mindanao especially in Cebu and now in Pampanga. So I am sure you can find work now outside the Capital, which is Manila.

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Pito Pito Movie

Have you heard a pito pito movie? It is a film, which had a simple settings and the actors were just merely talking than just exerting their effort to act. Indie Film is different though, yes it has an ordinary set ups but the actors were so great when they act, it is like they had let all their emotions out when they cry, when they argue and when they are in the verge of trying to survive.

I was in a DVD shop one day and the in-charge handed me a film that I thought it would thrill me out, or make me jump out in my couch because of the surprises and the suspense that the film had offered. I expected too much of this film since the other version made me really terrified. So I watched with my daughter and we were indeed surprise of how dull the actors were, the explosives that they used were great, the scene was terrifying but because of their acts, we were just like okay. That was the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life because when it comes to Hollywood movie and it is packed with actions, you would surely expect that this is something that could stop your heart beating, you know what I mean. But to my disappointment it did not, it was really like a pito pito movie. Ouch!

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Simple Things

I am in sentimental mode this time, I’d been listening to some mellow music through you tube, it makes me smile to hear those lovely songs while I am busy updating my blog.

There are times that when we like to just tone down, we need those music to relax, to unwind even we are only in the four corners in our room. Funny quotes could also help us to laugh and to smile when there is nobody who is available for us to laugh with or to talk with, reading those quotes would simply make our day. You see there are many things, even how simple it is. It can still be the source of our happiness. We just have to look around. Remember, happiness is a choice, and it is for us how to make those simple things be the cause of our joy.

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I was relieved that I have said enough but I feel like I still have more to say yet I was thinking, why should I, when I am definitely happy with my life right now. So I just took it easy, I never forgot those miseries that you have caused but with the contentment I have right now, I rather not to think about it, I live my life to the fullest with the man I dreamed of and the kids I so loved. And I always thank GOD for giving me the life that I thought it would never come true, I guess GOD never sleeps when I asked him of this life I have now.

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