Mini Museum

It was when summer just started, I and Faith visited our Dentist so to get fill in to her tooth. When our appointment is done, we decided to visit the mini museum beside the clinic. Faith was very delighted to check the image of our ancestors and the city before.

These were the only pictures we took since we are not allowed to take anything during the tour. Yes, there is a tour guide who would tell you everything on the display. The reason why we are not allowed to take a picture or a video is because, they would like to preserved the images and the whole place I think, you know how much social media can travel places, they wanted to preserved what it is inside to look more mysterious.  Admit it if you already know what’s inside then your curiosity will just blow up, your excitement to visit the museum will be gone because you already seen it through pictures in social media. To preserve the excitement, they needed to make it that way. I am telling you, your time will not be wasted when you visit this mini museum along Magallanes, and mind you it doesn’t have any entrance fee. It is free for you; all you need to do is visit.

The mother and daughter image obviously

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Santorini It Is

And since I am too engrossed with watching the series of Jadine entitled ‘Till I Met You’ in Greece. I am also getting curious of what the place can offer, especially they are capturing the most visited spot and one of them is the Santorini. Santorini is one of one of the best formation of Cyclades in Aegean Sea. Cyclades pertaining to an island forming a circle and obviously as you see Santorini has the best view of what Cyclades is. The Cylades formation in Santorini was destroyed by volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC leads to rugged landscape formation. Santorini has two principal towns Fira and Oia, the first one is it cling to the cliff above and one is underwater crater. The towns are overlooking to the sea and on the west lie the small houses. Their beaches are made up of white lava pebbles, red and black.

More info here of Santorini:

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Milan, Verona And Rome In The TV

I went home yesterday from work when I learned that my daughter was sick. I asked approval to go home from my supervisor and good thing they were able to permit me going home. When I arrived home, Mj was already starting to feel better. I know that it would be a waste of time and money to leave half day from work but when one of your kids is sick, how can you perform well right? Anyway I just enjoyed myself watching the Jadine travel tour in Milan, Verona and Rome. They were able to introduce the tourist spots where everyone would love to see and visit. It is just only in my dream or at least in the movie I can see those tourist spots but this Jadine special series of their travel, I can see how beautiful those buildings are, how it was craft to make it not only a physique of a building but the art of it. They were able to show the building where Romeo and Juliet the movie was held. The romantic parks, the fountain where you can throw coins to make a wish, I bet they enjoyed the tour so much because even if I only watched it in the TV, I can see the beauty of it plus the “kilig” of these two is a bonus for you to enjoy this special episode.

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