Requirements When Your Kid Is With A Relative Only During Travel

My youngest daughter will be left with my sister tomorrow as we headed to the airport, their flight will be too way behind us and I just realized the consequences later when we are already here. I immediately called my friend regarding with our situation as she was the one who booked us our flight way back. She inquired the agency and told us of the requirements that my sister must have from me and I also made my own inquiries as well here in Manila.

You might need the same thing if you can’t be with your daughter and they are with your relatives upon taking the plane.

This is for domestic only:

  • Photocopy of the kid’s birth certificate
  • Photocopy of your Marriage Contract
  • Authorization Letter – Authorizing your relatives to accompany your kids during travel.
  • Photocopies of your ID’s and passport of your kid
  • I also gave my sister the original copy of my ID.
  • Do not forget also to remind your relative to bring her own ID.

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Permit To Travel From DSWD

My friend’s daughter has to go to Manila to take a written examination for college, since her parents can’t go with her yet she has to fly alone in the plane. Her parents booked her over the counter; little did they know that there are new rules for minor when they travel on air. If before they would allow minors to travel alone, well not anymore, because they have to secure a permit to travel from DSWD. The parents were used to just send their daughter in the airport when her daughter has to go to Manila for vacation with their relatives in Manila, they could not do that  at all now. So the parents went to DSWD to asked for that paper, they asked why they have to do that since it was not restricted before, they said that it is to prevent human trafficking, that illegal business has spread all over the country and it is getting worst as the years passed by.

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