Planning A Trip Outside Of The Country

I planned to travel next trip, I would like to do it on the 18th birthday of my daughter as my gift for her. My plan is not to throw an 18th birthday party but to spend it outside of the country. I was thinking Singapore or Hongkong. I even thought to bring one of my sisters since she was working in Singapore before and definitely she knows the place so well.

I am about to check what needs to do to prepare for a trip:

I already have a destination; what I’d like to visit in Singapore is Sentosa, the Universal Studio, the River Safari and many more. If not in Singapore I’d like to try Hongkong and one thing I’d like to visit there of course with kids is the Disneyland. Since I already have the place, I need to know then how much would it be the total cost once we are already there. The flight can be book in advance so that’s not part of the expenses once you   get there. You should be doing an extra savings for the fare so you don’t have to touch the savings for the expenses you will incur when you are already in the place.

So you should know the hotels, Inn, hostels of those places, which one is affordable but safe. Yes, you must consider the safety of the area where you will book a hotel to stay especially when you have kids around you. It is better to choose an expensive hotel than to check a hotel which is very affordable but the safety is not good at all, know the cost and the safety at the same time.

Start saving as soon as possible when your trip is just in a year or two. Cut the eating out at all, if you are fund in going to the coffee shop, you need to cut it out. And if you are used to eat in the cafeteria at work, I guess you need to bring lunch from home. In my case, since my work is scheduled in graveyard, and I’m afraid that if I would bring lunch it will just be spoiled so I budget my money everyday. I made sure that I will just spend P100.00 that includes my lunch and my fare at work.

If you have credit cards, make sure that you have applied that gives you reward for travels. I knew some but since I don’t have credit cards, I don’t know which specifically.

When you withdraw from ATM cards, choose your own bank in that way there will be no extra charges.

When it’s time for you to book your flight, check some great deals or of what I know, there are better chances for great deals when you book it in advance.

This is just the first part; I’ll tell you more some tips in the next post.

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First Stop In Buda: Alice Log House

We had been planning for a team building last month and I thought it will not be pushed through since there’s one who was against it. However, we were able to make it through even without that team mate.

My workmate and coach went there first since I just have followed them because I have to attend youngest daughter. It was their Christmas Party that day so I have to send her over first. I also left some money for them so they can go to the mall to unwind after the party.

We arrived at the house that we will be staying at 1 p.m., good thing that our workmates who went roaming some tourist spot already arrived and were waiting for us.

When we get inside of the house, we took some pictures right away:

This is the first one, since this was the area that welcomed us right away when we opened the living room. I love these thingies that were on top with the mirror. The design makes you feel you are having vacation somewhere in the states.

Here’s the veranda near the kitchen, expect an extreme cold when you go outside. I have to ask my daughter to hurry up when taking a picture with me sitting down.

This was the outside of the house

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Field Trip In Latagaw Calinan

This is an overdue post since my kids had their field trip last month. Faith has her field trip on July 7th and Mj was on July 8th. Mj and Faith is on the same school already but even they are in the same school, both have different venues for their field trip. Faith went to Latagaw in Calinan, where they saw different kinds of animals. They were taught how to take good care of them and they taught also how to farm since the place is also filled with different kinds of plants.

 photo IMG_0020.jpg

 photo IMG_0021_1.jpg

Faith was very excited, she kept on telling me that I should let her go because it is compulsory and it’s one of their performance task without joining field trip she sure will have a failed remarks .

 photo 9aa03ab6-8c18-4b1a-842c-9ad6b1638ce2.jpg

Faith was the one given the responsibility to hold the banner but later she was replaced by her classmate because she keeps on waving it already and the teachers were afraid for Faith to hit one of her schoolmates.

 photo 700ddfc0-51a1-48ec-8d81-fffb2fccfc15.jpg

Kids in the farm

 photo 4d0f7595-9e9b-4f44-8a20-f504482ca722.jpg

Faith keeps on asking question about how to feed the animals, why is the other pig was separated by the other group of pigs. Why there are many trees around and the like. Good thing the one who tour them around was patiently answering my youngest daughter question. Some questions were out of the blue but if you will analyze the question, it is somehow related to their exposure.

My sister said that there were many mosquitoes around, I mean what do you expect to a farm right? Mosquitoes are somewhat cannot be avoided, good thing their principal kept on putting some mosquitoes repellent to the pupils. Thank GOD students were spared by the so called Dengue Fever.

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Team Building in Samal

Just before Faith classes start, the team at work planned to have a short get away. It was during our day off, I did not already went home, I just waited Faith and sister Irene to come by at work. Yes Faith was with us during the event since Mj and Mariel will have to go to school and no one will attend her. We had our team building at Samal, one of my workmate have a house there, so we stayed there for one night. We rested at their house for a while, we ate our dinner there before we went out for the beach.

We spent for hours there at the beach, but before 12 in the midnight Faith already asked me if we could go to the car to sleep while waiting for our workmate to finish their videoke.

We went back at my workmate’s house about 1 am already. We slept right away after we took a bath. In the morning, some of us prepared breakfast, and after breakfast we headed to the bat cave, in which we did not really went inside because it was a bit expensive for us. Good thing Faith was able to take a picture of this.

 photo 11377194_10206415980454440_6003300790658039412_n_zpsvbbhkz40.jpg

After Bat Cave, we headed to Hagimit Falls but too bad, because it is not open from the rain the night before. They don’t advise for tourist to come over since the water is not that clear. So instead of going there, we went to this small island. This island will be covered by water at night, the island won’t appear at all but in the afternoon, approaching sunset, this island will appear and it is just nice to soak in.

 photo 11224823_10204488175347680_4484944928351955878_n_zpsjnqxcfpt.jpg

This is so rare to experienced such this, and I am thankful that one of my workmate took this photo of me and my little teapot.

 photo 10425512_10206441978704380_2259339703207485531_n_zpso1lg68vu.jpgvv

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