Late Post: Exchange Gifts With The Old Team

It was December that we were informed; we will have a new supervisor on January. But even before December ends, our supervisor was already assigned to a new team and we were left with an assistant supervisor. And since we will be no longer with our previous supervisor, we arranged an exchange gift party for the whole team. We agreed to have our exchange gifts in one of the Karaoke Bar in the city after last shift on that week. So it’s just the right time since it will be our rest day the next day. 

This Karaoke bar is near the beach, so you can feel the breeze from the ocean. They only have an exclusive room for you to rent since the cottages will no longer available since Karaoke can interrupt the neighborhood.  It is just so affordable that the whole team can afford, we rented it for 4 hours only and I can tell you, it’s all worth it. 

 photo 15590001_10206423820994471_4583568693539564279_n_zpskdazyljg.jpg

 photo 15590643_10206423821194476_2960381571110458035_n 1_zps4nlpasli.jpg

This is the previous team, we even got the first rank yet everything is so cool. The gift that I received from this small gathering is a matte lipstick and nail color. 

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Just yesterday, as early as 12 noon I was already in the venue to be the first in line if in case they will not follow the seating arrangement base on the ticket. I sent a text message to Mariel and informed her that I was already in SMX convention center preparing myself for Jadine’s Concert. And since it seemed like she will be coming late, I ate lunch first and right after I went to the convention center again to buy a ticket for Mariel, I bought her the Bronze ticket cost P 600.00, I know that the Bronze will be too far away from the stage already and its free seating so they actually don’t have the seating arrangement but since my niece really want to watch the concert it doesn’t matter anymore if she is too far away from the stage.

The concert started at 8 in the evening but we were already near the entrance at 4 in the afternoon. At 6 in the evening I can hear Nadine’s and Jame’s voice already, everyone screamed as soon as the door will be slightly open just to have a glimpse on them. The guard on the first door was sneaking, he would open the door slight for the fans to see them on their rehearsal but the guard who was assigned for us did not gave us a chance to at least see them even just a glimpse, he always told me they are not allowed to do that even I was begging and making a promise not to scream, he would open it if someone would like to pass by from inside, but it was just a split of seconds and too bad I don’t have a good eyesight. LOL

Everyone was excited and was overwhelmed for the concert to start. Everyone screamed when they see them but me I felt like I was choking, I could not screamed even just to say a word, I was mesmerized when I saw them in real! Even though I was a bit far from the stage, it was all worth it, I was able to witness them perform and for me it’s perfect. There are times that I could not click the video setting of my phone or my ipad because I don’t want to miss them perform or shall I say I could not move, my jaw dropped when they danced, they were absolutely awesome.

#JadineInLoveInDavao was beyond perfect. How I wish someday I could meet them, my ticket was only the platinum so I didn’t have the chance to have a picture with them. I hope someday I can see them near, I hope someday I can at least say hi to Nadine and will tell James to take care of her. How I wish they will end up together, forever and always.


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Accident In Amandari Cove

Losing a child is the greatest fear of a parent or a Mother, especially if it is only because of an accident.

It was Sunday, and the Amandari cove staffs in Gen San were so busy attending the event. The Amandari cove has two pool, one for those who are trained competitively and the other one is for leisure. Since that day was so hectic, no one was able to notice that a boy who is only 4 or 5 years old is already drowned. The one who saw her is a toddler as well, saying he is dead while pointing of the other boy in the pool. The people around that pool were panicked and were asking for help immediately. They did the CPR, the boy responded a little and threw up some water but he was already dark and needed to bring in the hospital right away.

On the other hand, the competition did not stop, we needed to finish the even before 5:00 p.m., since some of the participant have to travel yet to get home. We had so much fun in the Amandari Cove, good thing I booked our stay on the said hotel where the venue of the swimming was held. We didn’t go out of the hotel’s premises to avoid buying stuffs outside. So our two days were just spent inside the hotel, we ate our breakfast, lunch and even dinner there; their foods are not that expensive so we were able to save.

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